500 $ for your Amazon Wish List URL

We will order articles from the winners Wish List with a total value of 500$.

Be rewarded & join for free!

The winner Wish List will be announced on 31th of december at 12 o'clock. The winner sweepstake ticket will be drawn randomly. You can collect up to 5 tickets. The participation is not binding.

How it works:

  1. Unlock your sweepstake participation via Facebook/email address.
  2. Now you need to collect sweepstake tickets:
  3. Simply start by beautifying your Amazon Wish List URL. Follow the steps described on the related page

If I am the lucky winner, ...

... will I receive a 500 $ Amazon giftcard?

We will reward you. That means: We will buy stuff from your Wish List until 500 $ are reached. As long as we are lower than 500 $ we will continue buying things from your Wish List until the limit is reached or the Wish List is empty. Articles above 500 $ won't be ordered.

... will I be able to decide the things you are going to buy by myself?

We will surprise you which means we will chose your articles. We will take note of the priority in your Wish List.

You need help or you have got further questions according to the sweepstake? Do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or email kontakt@gonewmedia.de.